István Lakatos

  • October 9, 7:00pm

The world famous Gipsy violinist was born in Budapest, Hungary as a newest member of a musical dynasty. His family looks back on a 150 years history of Gipsy music geniuses.

He picked up the violin at the age of 3 for never let it go father that. Graduate of musical High School , College and the Internationally known Franz Liszt music Academy of Budapest, Hungary. At the of 16 he already had his on orchestra almost every country in Europe. In 1987 he was invited in south of Spain by Elizabeth Taylor and her Guests Brooke Shields and George Hamilton.

In 1988 he comes to Montreal for a concert, he loves Quebec and since then he lives in Montreal with his wife and son who is also a Musician.

In 1992 he plays as a soloist Soiree Tzigane under Jacques Lacombe's direction with the Ensemble Amati. He played in many States of the US in famous concert halls, Jazz clubs (with Les Paul), in duo with Opera Singers from the Met. After theese different style musical adventures he was soloist on a Cruiseship with his son (Holland America Cruise Line). He played Asia, Australia, South America, Alaska, Africa, Eastern, Western Caribbean Islands. Presently he is violin solo of the World Symphony Orchestra in Montreal.

Beside the music he have a hobby he loves cooking. He opened a Hungarian Restaurant, the Budapest on Duluth street with great Gipsy music on the weekends. Good will Ambassador of the Hungarian cultur in Quebec violin teacher and founder of the music school at the Hungarian weekend teaching center. He plays a 1749 Bergonzi Italian violin inherited from his Father.