Szalonna Band

  • September 30, 3:00pm
  • October 1, 4:00pm (with Bokréta folk dance ensemble from Montréal)
  • October 1, 5:00pm

The Szalonna Band is an outstanding ensemble in the Hungarian folk music life; they are one of the most popular bands in the Carpathian Basin today. All the musicians of the group are also members of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble for many years. Their main ambition is to perform at concerts and also to teach traditional Hungarian music with style and authenticity at the highest artistic level. The repertoire of the Band consists of the most beautiful authentic tunes from the Hungarian speaking region, and revised masterpieces of folk music as well.


Bokréta was founded in 1967 by Montreal’s Hungarian community. Its main goals were to preserve Hungarian Folkdance and present it at community events. Since then Bokréta has also earned its place in Montreal’s multicultural dance scene through its unique and exciting staging of folkdance.

The Ensemble’s artistic intent is to aesthetically present authentic village folkdance from Hungary and the Carpathian Basin. Going back to the source to find fresh and exciting perspectives, the Ensemble’s artistic directors research dances, music and costumes, and regularly invite top choreographers from Hungary to work with the Ensemble.