In 1974, a young Professor of architecture in Budapest (Hungary) named Erno Rubik created an object that was not supposed to be possible. His solid cube twisted and turned - and still it did not break or fall apart. With colourful stickers on its sides, the Cube got scrambled and thus emerged the first “Rubik’s Cube”. Rubik’s Cube is a unique three-dimensional logical puzzle, which develops both children’s and adults’ memory and logical thinking. The 26 coloured small cubes offer different combinations. You must watch how the squares change their position as you rotate the different sides. If you can establish a pattern, then you are well on the way to solve the problem. So if you can get one side in 10-15 minutes, then you are making good progress. The only way to find a solution is to work with several sides simultaneously. The ultimate goal of the puzzle is to have one colour on each side of the Cube.

Are you ready to give it a try? Win your own Rubik’s Cube! Take a photo or selfie with our giant Rubik’s Cube next to the main entrance of the NCC’s International Pavilion, follow the Embassy of Hungary on Twitter ( and share your photo with us. Use hashtag #HungarianRubik

Each day until October 28 we choose a winner randomly. Winners will be notified on the Embassy’s twitter page. Winners can get their prizes at the the International Pavilion (7 Clarence Street) during the hours of operation.