Ajtony Csaba

  • October 17, 7:00pm

 Ajtony Csaba is music director to the UVic Symphony Orchestra in the Canadian Victoria, and conductor of the Central European Chamber Orchestra (mikamo) in Vienna. Past years have seen him conducting almost all Hungarian orchestras, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Frankfurt Radio Orchestra (hr-sinfonieorchester), Radio-Symphonieorchester Vienna, Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra as well as reoccurring engagements at the Darmstadt New Music Festival, SiMN (Curitiba - BR), Wien Modern and Dresdner Tage der zeitgenössischen Musik. After the success of his music theatre gentle birth he has been resident composer and conductor at the Festspielhaus Dresden (EZKH) and assistant conductor to the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra. His opera debut was with 25 conducting the Hungarian première of Shostakovhich’s Cheryomoushky. He graduated from the conducting class of the University of Music Vienna with distinction and worked as Kapellmeister at the Studiobühne. Between 2013 and 2016 he worked with Maurizio Arena in Teatro Mancinelli (Orvieto, Italy) on historic interpretation from Puccini and Verdi. As conductor of the concert cycles Hermes and recycled in 2008-2010 he conducted mikamo in significant concert halls of the Central European region, such as the Konzerthaus and Musikverein in Vienna, and Music Academies in Budapest, Bucharest and Cracow. In performance, composition and research he is exploring the change in connection of gestures and music through time and geographical space.