Hungarian FolkEmbassy

  • October 7, 2:00pm (with Bokréta from Montreál)
  • October 8, 2:00pm

FolkEmbassy makes it their own special mission – hence their choice of name – to search out musical contacts that will strengthen Hungary’s cultural diplomatic connections through music, while also presenting the organic cultural unit created by Central European peoples. They feel that it is important to demonstrate to an ever-widening international audience how the various periods of European heritage live on in Hungarian folk music and folk dance. They travel the world with this goal. In the past years they have performed at the opening of the Milan Expo, toured in Poland, Estonia, Pakistan and most lately in Taiwan. Their Náisz-Köszönjük concerts, together with Ovidiu Barteş a Romanian violinist from Cluj-Napoca, present the role of Gypsies in Hungarian culture through the language of music.


Bokréta was founded in 1967 by Montreal’s Hungarian community. Its main goals were to preserve Hungarian Folkdance and present it at community events. Since then Bokréta has also earned its place in Montreal’s multicultural dance scene through its unique and exciting staging of folkdance.

The Ensemble’s artistic intent is to aesthetically present authentic village folkdance from Hungary and the Carpathian Basin. Going back to the source to find fresh and exciting perspectives, the Ensemble’s artistic directors research dances, music and costumes, and regularly invite top choreographers from Hungary to work with the Ensemble.