The Szentegyháza Children’s Philharmonia is visiting Canada on the occasion of Canada’s 150th anniversary. Between June 24 and July 5, the choir will give 11 concerts in seven cities.

The unique Children's Philharmonia was founded 35 years ago in the Hungarian speaking Transylvanian community of Szentegyháza (Vlahita, Romania) under the leadership of choir leader Sándor Haáz. Since then, the popular children ensemble have grown constantly, today it counts 40 orchestra and 100 choir members who are between 10 and 20 years of age. They make use of a unique self-teaching pedagogical method in groups in order to assure their appropriate musical education and development.

The children call themselves ’Fili’ in short – the 140-member ensemble is proud of wearing its own uniform and badge.

The repertoire of the Children's Philharmonia consists of short classical pieces, specially orchestrated folk and historical songs (Hungarian and other).

The ‘Fili’ performs regularly in their own country and go on foreign concert tours every summer since 1990.