When do I have to request the diplomatic legalization of a signature and seal of a Canadian notary public?

If a Canadian notary has authenticated your signature on a document to be used (served) in Hungary, or if the notary authenticated a copy of such document, diplomatic legalization by a Hungarian consul is necessary for the document to have legal value. 

If there is no available honorary consul close to your location, a Canadian notary can authenticate your signature

Please follow the instructions below.

How can I request diplomatic legalization?

In person in Ottawa, in Toronto, in Montreal, in Vancouver or by mail (address: 299 Waverley Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 0V9).

For mailed in applications please send along with the documents to be legalized:

  • a cover letter requesting diplomatic legalization, and including your contact details,
  • a self-addressed, prepaid return envelope.

How much is the fee for diplomatic legalization?

The consular fee is indicated at https://ottawa.mfa.gov.hu/hun/page/konzuli-dijak (V. Felülhitelesítés, Kanadában kiállított okiratok diplomáciai felülhitelesítése) for each signature to be authenticated. It is payable in cash only for in-person applications, and by a money order payable to the Embassy in Hungary if mailed in. We do not accept debit or credit cards and cheques.

Which documents can be legalized?

Firstly, documents that were previously authenticated by a Canadian authenticator.

Secondly, documents authenticated by the notaries public on this list, since we have signature and seal samples from them:

We are sorry, we are not ready to publish the list of notaries yet. Please send us an email to consulate.ott@mfa.gov.hu, and we will send you the list of notaries in your city.

What to do if my preferred notary is not on the list?

We do not have any arrangement with the notaries on the list. They are listed because we have applied diplomatic legalization to documents authenticated by them at least once, therefore we have their signature and seal samples in our archives.

You are free to choose any notary, if he or she sends this form with the required attachments to the Embassy's address (299 Waverley Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 0V9).