When is consular authentication necessary?

For documents to be used (served) in Hungary, it is often required that the signature on the document is authenticated by a Hungarian consul. Authentic copies and translations prepared abroad are generally only acceptable in Hungary if done by a Hungarian consul. Please inquire at the relevant Hungarian authority or your Hungarian lawyer to verify whether a consular authentication is absolutely necessary. Most often it is sufficient to have signatures or copies authenticated by a Canadian notary and then diplomatically legalized (which can be done by mail).

Honorary consuls

Please note that all Hungarian honorary consuls in Canada are authorized to authenticate

  • signatures and
  • copies of documents.

They, however, cannot prepare official Hungarian translations.

How much is the authentication fee? (indicative table)


Authentication of signature (per signature)

44 CAD

Authentication of siganture of a company (per signature)

59 CAD

Pensioner's life certificate


Authentic copy (per blocks of 5 pages)

30 CAD

Authentication of copy presented (per blocks of 5 pages)

22 CAD

Authentic translation to Hungarian related to simplified citizenship procedure

52 CAD

Authentication of presented translation to Hungarian related to simplified citizenship procedure 

30 CAD

Fees for authentication requested in Ottawa, additional fees are levied for authentication requested during an extramural consular day.  We only do authentication during extramural consular days exceptionally.

All fees are payable by debit/credit card only. We do not accept either cash or cheques.

For more details and up-to-date table of consular fees (in Hungarian) seehttps://ottawa.mfa.gov.hu/hun/page/konzuli-dijak

(IV. Konzuli tanúsítványok kiállítása (hitelesítések))

Authentication of signature

Appointment is required (see contact details and appointments). You will need the document on which your signature will be authenticated and a valid photo ID.

If you would like to have the notarial certificate include e.g.

  • your mother's name, then you should present a Hungarian official document containing this information,
  • your address in a province, then you should present your operator's license containing your address.

​The consul can only include such data on the notarial certificate which are featured on the presented ID documents.

If you sign for a company, please also present a recently issued document establishing your signing authority.

How can I get a certificate of life for my Hungarian pension?

The Hungarian pension authority requests life certificates from time to time. The consul will sign these free of charge, without prior appointments. Please bring the certificate document and a valid photo ID with you.

​How can I have copies of documents authenticated by the consul?

Just present a valid photo ID, pay the consular fee and hand over the documents for copying. You can also mail them to the Embassy (299 Waverley Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 0V9), in this case please attach a copy of your valid photo ID, send the consular fee by providing debit/credit card information ( https://ottawa.mfa.gov.hu/eng/page/konzuli-dijak ), and send a self-addressed, prepaid return envelope.

How can I request official translations from the consul?

We only prepare translations when they are necessary for other consular services (translation of vital statistics certificates submitted with citizenship and vital statistics registration applications, English translations of certificates of good conduct.  

If you need other documents translated for use in Hungary, please contact OFFI. If you need English or French translations for documents to be used (served) in Canada, please consult with the Canadian authority or your lawyer to find out what their requirements for translations are.