How can I apply for the certificate?

You can apply in person in Ottawa, in Toronto or during one of our extramural consular days.

Postal application is possible if the consul deems that applying in person would be an unreasonable burden for you. Some guidelines:

  • We know that Canada is a vast country, and the deadlines set by the Canadian authorities are often too short to wait out our next extramural consular day.
  • It does not in itself justify an exemption if you would have to travel a relatively short distance (e.g. from Montreal) on a workday to apply.

Always write a reasoned e-mail beforehand to if you wish to apply by mail. In case of a positive reply, please send your application to the Embassy's address (299 Waverley Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 0V9). Before sending, have your signature on the application form authenticated by a honorary consul!

Please note that due to the extremely sensitive nature of the data we are in no position to accept applications from intermediaries or representatives, e.g. immigration consultants or lawyers.

How much does the certificate and its translation cost?

The consular fee in case of applications in person or mailed in applications is 100 CAD, or 123 CAD in case of applications submitted at an extramural consular day. If you require an official English translation prepared by the Embassy, the fee is 169 CAD or 215 CAD in case of an application submitted at an extramural consular day.

In case of applications in person the fee is payable by debit/credit card only. Please send a money order payable to the Embassy in Hungary with your mailed-in application. We do not accept either cash or cheques.

Which form shall I fill out?

The form can be downloaded from this link. If you mail-in your application, do not forget to have your signature authenticated. English instructions and a completed sample will aid you in filling out the Hungarian form. 

Fill out this request, as well, and indicate if you require an official English translation of the Hungarian certificate. 

What documents have to be attached?

  • For in-person applications you will need to show us a valid photo ID, for mailed-in applications please send a photocopy.
  • Please provide a self-addressed, registered return envelope.
  • Provide your phone and e-mail contacts.


Data sheet and English instructions and completed sample
Request for a certificate of good conduct