Save our future by saving our past

The emblematic footprints of Hungarians from past centuries are visible throughout Canada, with many values and memories captured in landmarks across the nation.

The Hungarian Heritage in Canada website, launched in 2019, provides a glimpse of these manifestations of Hungarian heritage. Our Hungarian heritage, just like our website, needs constant care, and we would like to promote and preserve our heritage by adding to this site. We invite all Canadian Hungarians to be our partners in this endeavor.

We encourage everyone to visit the website and discover a Hungarian landmark that is close to your home, or already known to you.  If you have more information than is listed on the site, or have a better quality photo, please share it on the website above. If you find that the website does not contain the landmark that you have identified, we are happy to help you upload this information so others can discover it as well.

During the year, we plan to distribute commemorative plaques to all communities participating in the program, similar to the plaque received for the "Tree of National Unity" project. We will also reward those who participate in the development of the Hungarian heritage website with the “Hungarian Heritage Guardian” and “Hungarian Heritage Discoverer” pins.