After 14 December 2019 all plants for planting (e.g. potted plants, seeds, propagating material), fruits (e.g. apples, hazelnuts) and other plant products (e.g. wreaths, fresh herbs) can only be brought into the EU with a phytosanitary certificate from countries outside the European Union even in your personal luggage! *

The new regulations (applicable from 14 December 2019) require mandatory control of personal luggages and stricter rules for plants and plant products brought in small quantities (consumption quantities). This means some plants, even one crop can only be brought in with a phytosanitary certificate from a third country to the Member States of the European Union.

Plants and plant products brought in without a phytosanitary certificate shall be destroyed by the authority.

* The exceptions are the following fruits: pineapples, bananas, dates, durians and coconuts, processed plant products (e.g. dried fruits, preserved vegetables and fruits), furthermore plants, plant products from Switzerland.