Attila Fias Trio

  • October 21, 7:00pm

Attila Fias is a multi-faceted composer, arranger, producer and performer, who resides in Toronto, Canada. The Hungarian-born pianist has established himself as a jazz/world music artist both locally and internationally, who loves bringing ethnic musical influences into his work. He combines elements such as Brazilian lilt and rhythm, Indian phrasing, Hungarian harmony, Cuban/Latin intensity and excitement, and synthesizes it all into one distinct musical flavour with his jazz background serving as the glue that binds it all together.

In the recording studio, he has produced and performed on over 100 internationally distributed albums, winning several gold and platinum album awards in Canada and the US.

He has released three albums of original music, "Stories"- Attila Fias Trio, "Pieces of the Earth"- Fias/Farah piano duo, and his latest album "Ride"- Attila Fias Trio+, launched in October, 2016 in Toronto.